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Pre - Engineered Systems

Pre-engineered marine fire suppression systems jamaica

Pre-engineered marine fire suppression systems are fixed installations. The system protects a given volume of an enclosure incorporating various discharge modes such as automatic heat activation or manual release by way of a mechanical pull cable. Pre-Engineered means the system has been designed and tested to a specific criteria which takes into consideration the following factors:

  • Protected space volume
  • Agent weight required
  • System cylinder size and fill density
  • Nitrogen super-pressurization
  • Nozzle discharge flow rate of extinguishing agent
  • Discharge time (max 10 seconds
  • Cable Assemblies
    Discharge cable assembly for manual only systems Sea-Fire manual/automatic “M”  designation models as well as manual only model series require a discharge cable assembly for manual discharge of the...

  • Early Warning Heat Sensors
    Early warning heat sensors provide the vessel operator with notice of an impending fire condition. Remote sensor type or a model type that adheres directly to the pre-engineered system cylinder actuation assembly are...

  • FG & FD Model Series
    FG:  Automatic and Manual/Automatic 20 standard model sizes available. United States Coast Guard approved in sizes from 25 cubic feet (.71 cubic meters) up to 240 cubic feet (6.8 cubic meters) of engine...

  • MG & MD Model Series
    MG:  Manual Only 32 standard model sizes available. Marine approved in sizes from 150 cubic feet (4.2 cubic meters) up to 1500 cubic feet (42.5 cubic meters) of engine compartment volume. Features &...