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Safety Products

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  • Cigarette Butt Receptacles
    Cigarette Butt Receptacles area a safe, attractive method of cigarette disposal.  Oxygen-restricting design quickly extinguishes butts, reducing the risk of fire.  Hooded 1 1/2" opening keeps out he rain and other...

  • Compac Cabinets
    Compac Cabinets safely stores up to 15 gal of flammable liquids.  Self-closing doors active at 165 degrees F

  • Emergency Eyewash
    Emergency Eyewash delivers Eyesaline solution purified, contaminant-free and physiologically correct from a sealed, integrated delivery module.  The cartridge has a 24-month shelf life.  Flow exceeds 0.4 gpm for...

  • Emergency Lights
    Emergency Lights offer brand name quality at a lower price.  Low profile designed in a neutral finish of injection molded, flame retardant, high impact, thermoplastic housing.  Features include universal mounting...

  • First Aid Metal Cabinets
    Our First Aid Metal Cabinets have been specially designed to provide the most complete first aid protection avialable in each particular size.  The balanced assortment of supplies will handle most of your first aid...

  • Plunger cans
    Plunger cans help you quickly and easily moisten cleaning cloths or swabs.  Pushing down plunger fills upper pan for moistening.  Surplus liquid drains safely back into reservoir.  The 5" perforated pan screen...

  • The Work Master Life Ves
    The Work Master Life Vest from is a cool, comfortable companion made for the many marine-type jobs encountered in the fire safety industry.  Constructed form closed-cell foam with encircling body belt, these work vests...

  • Wireless Smoke Detecto
    need description for this item